Photos of committee members taken in O’ Donovan’s Hotel in January 1964.



Unfortunately the catalogue entry for these pictures is missing.

One viewer has suggested it looks like a Creamery Milk suppliers group, definitely Agricultural in their opinion, too many to be a Show Committee. They recognised the O’ Leary’s Kilbree – Andy O’ Leary 2nd row 6th on the left and Pat O’ Leary RIP 4th row 3rd on the left. Also, John O’ Donovan Bealad, 4th row and 5th on the left. Margaret Kingston, front row 3rd on the right. Leo Meade RIP Ballinascarthy, 4th row 2nd on the right.

A second viewer has identified the following people in the third photo:

  • 5th Row – 1st on the right, they think is Michael McCarthy, Lyre
  • 4th Row – 3rd from left is the late Tom O’Donovan, Rossmore
  • 3rd Row – 2nd from the left is Con O’Callagnan, The Mall, Leap
  • 2nd Row – 3rd from the left is the late Fachtna O’Callagan, Rosscarbery
  • Front Row – 4th from the right is Jimmy Sheehy, Highfield, Baltimore

Another viewer tells us that in photos of the group of seven committee members, John Sexton Barryroe is second from the right.

If anyone was in the pictures or can shed light on the club or society that the committee members represented, please leave a comment below or email: [email protected]


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